Crisp was established more than 19 years ago. We established the company on the principles of quality and service, always striving to provide the best in all that we do. The company has intimate knowledge of the fruit and vegetable producing areas throughout South Africa as well as neighbouring states. We distribute to all areas of the Western Cape, with few exceptions.


There are no short cuts with pricing; rock bottom pricing will inevitably partner poor quality. However at Crisp we do couple competitive pricing with excellence of service and quality. We have put a great deal of time and effort into streamlining our operations and identifying where cost savings could be made without impacting on the quality or service excellence - and once again these savings have been passed on to our customers.

This has allowed us to offer unmatched levels of quality and service at highly competitive pricing.


90% of the supplier base is audited independently either through Eurogap (fruit) and Globalgap (Veg) and there is now a movement to Ethicalgap (staff treatment and general hygiene). 10% of our supplier base is a mom and pop family who are able to provide us with specialized produce grown by themselves in their gardens. Procurement for Crisp is governed by the following:


Direct sourcing:

We buy produce directly from the supplier to minimize handling and travel and thereby ensuring maximum quality and traceability.


Local sourcing:

We pride ourselves in our local supplier base to ensure minimum impact on the environment – providing the quality standards are there.


Supplier partnerships:

Many of the growers we deal with are able to fix prices for long periods of time. We also pride ourselves on being associated with growers who are innovative and progressive in terms of product, price people and quality.